Celebration of 50 Years of UNIRI and 10 Years of CAS SEE

Moise Palace, Cres
19-20 October 2023

Values – such as human rights, diversity, and various formats of affective inclusivity – followed by multi- layered forms of social justice and the rule of law that harmonize relations between humans, non-human animals, and inanimate objects are noticed when they are missing.

Paradoxically, we see them when we do not see them; we seek them because their scarcity and deficiency make us engage on a path of their restitution
through gaining knowledge and experience of respecting them, restoring the tiniest element of truth, justice, honesty, authenticity, and equality in various aspects of our living together. It takes work to become knowledgeable, increase expertise and share the enormous responsibility for the future. Still, our common interrogation, tedious research, boring reporting, and fine-tuned data could help us make this only world we share better.

With one hundred and thirty-eight postdoctoral fellows who enjoyed sharing these ten years of CAS SEE dream with us, six hundred and ninety funded research months – trailblazing their early career paths, we achieved what was possible in given circumstances and the collective effort.

In times of crisis, war in Europe and latent violence in the region, we are now ready for the impossible: create new bondages and partnerships in this disoriented present.