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CAS SEE Seminars with Guests: Nertil Bërdufi

Dr. Nertil Bërdufi is an experienced lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services in Tirana, Albania. He has a PhD in Cybercrime and National security from University of Tirana and a Master of Laws – LLM in Rule of Law for Development (PROLAW) from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Nertil is the founder and Director of the Legal Clinic at University College Bedër, where together with his law students, provides free legal assistance to vulnerable categories of individuals. Nertil is also an expert for the evaluation of higher education institutions at the Ministry of Education and Sports and at the Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education and a trainer in different projects in the field of countering violent extremism, cybercrime, international law and dispute resolution.

On Thursday, July 1st at 10 am (CET), we hosted CAS SEE Weekly Seminar with Nertil Bërdufi, presented by our fellow Desara Dushi. The seminar is entitled: “The impact of COVID-19 on cybercrime”.


Cybercrime consists of criminal acts committed online by using electronic communications networks and information systems. It is a borderless issue that leads to several complications in its investigation. Many types of crime, including terrorism, trafficking in human beings, child sexual abuse, and drug trafficking, have moved online or are facilitated online. As a consequence, most criminal investigations have a digital component. According to the most recent Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA), cybercrime is becoming more aggressive. This can be seen across the various forms of cybercrime, including high-tech crimes, data breaches, and sexual extortion. In this session, Nertil will provide an overview of the main cybercrime threats to date. A particular focus will be given to cybercrime threats within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, analyzing the impact on the criminal justice sector and beyond.


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