Petar Bojanić

 The possibility of thinking and constructing projects together, of discussion and functioning as a compact intellectual group across a large and diverse space, spanning from northern Italy to Turkey – this is the idea that has launched this Center for Advanced Studies. With a dawning spirit of fellowship, accompanied by a desire for better understanding and more effective cooperation, we have undertaken the present venture.

Petar Bojanic is the director of the Centre for Ethics, Law and Applied Philosophy, as well as the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (Belgrade). Currently, he is working on issues of social ontology, ethics of war and various projects surrounding Jewish political thought.

Snježana Prijić-Samaržija

There are a number of barriers in the internationalization and intellectual collaboration of research in Southeast Europe. Some of these have their roots in money and politics, others in disciplinary methods, technical conditions, or institutional structures, even in historical and inter-cultural understanding. In this respect, CAS strives to break down and to overcome obstacles and borders. Our mission in CAS is to promote the recognition of the role of humanities and social sciences through achieving international excellence, to encourage and maximize the benefit from visiting scholars and fellowships for all members of the academic community, and to be a creative cultural resource for the broader professional and business world and the community at large.

Prof. Snjezana Prijic-Samarzija is currently the rector of the University of Rijeka. She is a full professor at the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The main areas of her academic interest and publications are social philosophy, epistemology and applied ethics.

Vedran Džihić

Open and inspiring intellectual collaboration and free exchange of ideas and independent research on relevant issues is the backbone of modern societies. Humanities and social sciences in Southeastern Europe, after decades of strong political and ideological constraints and often self-inflicted deadlocks, are in urgent need for revitalization and opening towards global standards. CAS is the first institute of advanced studies on the territory of former Yugoslavia. To establish something new and produce a vision to become a publicly relevant hub for research, thought and global cooperation really is an extraordinarily challenging task. Taking up the challenge with all the international and regional support and so many enthusiasts assembled around CAS sparks new energies and makes me believe that fulfilling CAS’s vision is possible.

Dr. Vedran Dzihic is currently Senior Fellow at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins University, Washington D.C., and lecturer at the University of Vienna and various universities in the Western Balkans (Sarajevo, Zagreb, Belgrade).