Rijeka Conference 20/21/10/2014

  • Exchange of ideas on new topics and challenges for Europe:
  1. The future and the challenges of European integration / European institutions, the economic, financial and political context / New reflections on fairness (democracy) in the European context / Institutions between strategic management and smart specialization strategies / The European Higher Education and Scientific Research Area / Mobility, brain circulation in the European context / EU, Europe and the world / etc.
  • Defining the concept and organization of the international advanced master (postgraduate specialist) study program “European Interdisciplinary Studies” at the University of Rijeka:
  1. Detecting the needs for competences and groups of learning outcomes, defined in the discussion on new topics and challenges for Europe in the coming decade
  2. Conceptual elaborating of the study program courses and modules
  3. Defining the target group of students and the method of financing (student quotas, funding systems and student scholarships)
  4. Possibility of acquiring an advanced master/specialist degree through several modules of accredited lifelong learning programs that allow for occasional professional development training for target groups (partial professional training for journalists, administration, etc.),