Institute of Higher Education The University of Georgia

The Institute of Higher Education is an academic unit of the University of Georgia committed to advancing higher education policy, management, and leadership through research, graduate education, and outreach. The Institute’s mission encompasses higher education issues at the campus, state, national, and international levels.


University of RijekaThe University’s mission is dedicated to making strategic and development-oriented decisions on numerous issues regarding the functioning of the academic community and continued facilitation of international competitiveness in all areas of scientific, artistic and professional activities. The University     of Rijeka joined HEISEE initiative on the project of the development of the study program for higher education management and governance.

Centre for Educational Research and Development

The Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) is a research unit within the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, which carries out fundamental and applied research in education. It was established in January 2001 on the initiative of a group of professors from the Faculty of Humanities and  Social Sciences (Departments of Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy) at the University of Zagreb.


Institute for the Development of Education

The Institute for the Development of Education contributes to the development of higher education     policy, provides expert support to institutions, connects domestic and international experts and enables  individuals in Croatia and the region to achieve their educational goals.

Agency for Science and Higher Education

Agency for Science and Higher Education’s mission is to continuously support quality improvement of science and higher education by applying European and international best practices. Through continued improvement of quality culture and participation in the development of science and higher education, ASHE contributes to achieving global competitiveness of Croatian higher education and science.

 United States Embassy in Zagreb

The U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia, has provided funding and support for Croatian higher education in its pursuit of growth and development. The collaboration between the University of Georgia (U.S.) and the University of Zagreb began almost a decade ago and was made possible through funding provided by the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Congress. This funding has added momentum to the  growing partnership between the Institute of Higher Education and Croatian higher education.