Evenings at the Moise: ” Language Landscape and Tourism”

On Thursday, 8th April at the Moise Palace dr. sc. Diana Stolac, professor at the Department of Croatian Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, gave a lecture on “Language Landscape and Tourism“.

The linguistic landscape is a linguistic term that notes all the inscriptions in an environment. The range is very wide – from road signs and official signs at state and local institutions to private signs, advertisements, and language graffiti. The use of one or more languages on public inscriptions is explored – public inscriptions are recorded, described, and commented on in a sociolinguistic and cultural context. This describes the linguistic identity of the space. 

This lecture aims to divert the eyes – of hosts and tourists – of the inscriptions around us and to raise awareness of the language environment in which we move every day. Special emphasis is placed on the functionality of multilingual signs for tourists from various countries. However, the language chaos on some signs, flyers, menus, and similar texts is not a good message to tourists and does not offer the beautiful image we would like to send.

The lecture is available for watching at Moise Palace Facebook page: facebook.com/moisepalace/