Fellowship programmes

Filip Milačić

The Emergence of Identity Politics Cleavage and its Effect on Social Movements Seminar was held at the University

Tiziano Toracca

Metamorphosis of Labour. The Movement for a Basic Income in the Light of the Modern Paradigm of Labour

Barbara Turk Niskač

“Life is all about work”: Growing food as lifestyle politics in Slovenia Seminar was held at the University

Daniela Brasil

Emancipatory Learning: Reframing Situatedness and the new Cartographies of Belonging  Seminar was held at the University of Rijeka

Polona Sitar

Reclaiming Menstruation: Menstrual Social Movements, Feminist-Spiritualist Menstrual Activism and The Red Tent Seminar was held at the University

Francesca Forlè

Rythmòs in Acting Together. A Tool to Improve Stability and to Orient Power Hierarchies Seminar was held at

Rules without Words #2

The seventh, Summer 2018, generation of CAS SEE Fellows continues investigations into non-verbal normativity. This year’s seminar is

CAS SEE Fellows at the „Engagement for Social Change: Moving beyond Resistance“ conference

The current, 7th generation of CAS SEE fellows participated in the „Engagement for Social Change: Moving beyond Resistance“

Critique of Violence Now: From Thinking to Acting against Violence

2018 CAS SEE Summer School Rijeka, June 18 – 22, 2018 Guest lecturers: Judith Butler (Berkeley University) Hervé Le Brass

Call for applications: “Notation, Algorithm, Criticism: Towards a Critical Epistemology of Architecture”

Venue and date: IUC, Dubrovnik, September 17-22, 2018 Applications deadline: August 15, 2018 Course description: In modernity, there is