Fellowship programmes

Notation, Algorithm, Criticism: Towards a Critical Epistemology of Architecture

Venue and date: IUC, Dubrovnik, September 17-22, 2018 Course description: In modernity, there is no place for architecture without

Filip Milačić

The Emergence of Identity Politics Cleavage and its Effect on Social Movements Seminar was held at the University

Tiziano Toracca

Metamorphosis of Labour. The Movement for a Basic Income in the Light of the Modern Paradigm of Labour

Barbara Turk Niskač

“Life is all about work”: Growing food as lifestyle politics in Slovenia Seminar was held at the University

Daniela Brasil

Emancipatory Learning: Reframing Situatedness and the new Cartographies of Belonging  Seminar was held at the University of Rijeka

Polona Sitar

Reclaiming Menstruation: Menstrual Social Movements, Feminist-Spiritualist Menstrual Activism and The Red Tent Seminar was held at the University

Francesca Forlè

Rythmòs in Acting Together. A Tool to Improve Stability and to Orient Power Hierarchies Seminar was held at

Rules without Words #2

The seventh, Summer 2018, generation of CAS SEE Fellows continues investigations into non-verbal normativity. This year’s seminar is

CAS SEE Fellows at the „Engagement for Social Change: Moving beyond Resistance“ conference

The current, 7th generation of CAS SEE fellows participated in the „Engagement for Social Change: Moving beyond Resistance“

Critique of Violence Now: From Thinking to Acting against Violence

2018 CAS SEE Summer School Rijeka, June 18 – 22, 2018 Guest lecturers: Judith Butler (Berkeley University) Hervé Le Brass