Fellowship programmes

“Around 1800/2000 – Aesthetics at the Threshold”

CAS SEE Epistemology and Architecture Course Programme Venue: Inter University Center (IUC), Dubrovnik Dates: Monday, March 25 – Friday, March

Spring – Autumn 2019 CAS SEE Fellowship Recipients

The Center for Advanced Studies – South East Europe (CAS SEE) is pleased to announce the recipients of

Jelena Belić

Structural Injustice, Shared Obligations, and Civil Society In this co-authored paper, we aim to shed more light on

Arianna Piacentini

Non-Alignment and Youth’s Political Engagement in Bosnia Herzegovina and Macedonia Political engagement and participation are fundamental ‘to change

Lina Dokuzovic

Mapping and militant research from recent knowledge-based struggles to current migrant movements The seminar outlined the strategies and

Dino Pitoski

Drivers of Human Migration: a review of scientific evidence “A vast number of studies has been dedicated to

 Roswitha Kersten Pejanić

Linguistic Landscape Studies in the Post-Conflict Society: Opportunities and Challenges Persisting bottom-up discourses of former open conflicts between the

Mónica Cano Abadía

Vulnerability, Precarising Discourses, and Collective Political Responses This lecture addressed Judith Butler’s stances on precarising discourses. Her analysis

Rory Archer

To the Northwest! Intra-Yugoslav Albanian migration (1953-1989) “Researchers have explored many aspects of Albanian migration – so much

Natasha Jankovic

#rijeka_terristories: New Media Atlas of Architecture or Profile of One City #rijeka_terristories is a hashtag used by Nataša