Conferences 16/18/10/2013

Center for Advanced Studies – South East Europe (CAS – SEE)

Inaugural conference “New challenges for democracy – Crisis of trust and democratic legitimacy in Europe” will bring together leading international and European scientists and intellectuals in order to discuss new challenges for democracy in Europe, with particular emphasis on its southeastern part. The conference will be held from October 16th 2013 to October 18th 2013 at the University of Rijeka. The first honorary fellows: Margarethe von Trotta (Film director, Munchen), Michael Walzer (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton), Maurizio Ferraris (Università degli Studi di Torino), Dubravka Ugresic (Novelist and essayist, Amsterdam) Peter Eisenmann (Yale School of Architecture); and also permanent fellows, Rade Serbedzija (University of Rijeka), Nenad Miscevic (University of Maribor; CEU Budapest), Alenka Zupancic (University of Ljubljana) and Dubravka Ugresic (Amsterdam) will be introduced at the conference.